Divebase International's offers a full line of high and low pressure, professional grade equipment.  Our full line of high pressure brands of Bauer, Alkin, Max-Air, Ingersoll-Rand and Haskel boosters will enable businesses to operate successfully.  For those individuals or small businesses operating large stationary compressors with 60 Lb capacities or larger we offer Campbell-Hausfeld, Husky and Ingersol-Rand

Divebase International also offers a Semi-Annual and Quarterly compressor maintenance program for our clients.  As a rule, industrial non-breathing air machines use the semi-annual maintenance frequency based on their individual mission requirements established for the machine.  Some machines however, due to business demands or industrial mission, cannot be allowed to "break down" and therefore maintain a quarterly maintenance schedule.

Can your business or industrial operation afford for your compressor to be down for troubleshooting, awaiting parts, and subsequent repair time?

 The rule of thumb is how important is your compressor to your individual operation.    During quarterly maintenance of the machine we can plan scheduled repairs to be accomplished during these maintenance sessions with little compressor down time experienced.

Many agencies such as fire departments and dive shops are required, by either specific Fire Regulations or in the case of dive shops, by the State of Florida Dept. of Health, to have air sampling done on a Quarterly basis.

We offer our preventative maintenance scheduled in conjunction with the quarterly air sampling requirement.  This insures a minimum of operational down-time and provides a complete service record for their administrative files. 

Also during quarterly inspections and servicing can also catch problems while they are still small and can be corrected in a timely manner.  This service directly relates to reduced compressor operation interruption of your scuba shop business, fire protection program or industrial application operational capabilities.

All of our service agreements for quarterly maintenance checks include the following:

  • Oil change labor on oil change schedule recommended by factory service schedule

  •  Labor to change filter cartridges as recommended by the factory service schedule

  •  CFM output calibration check

  • Adjustment of drive belts

  • Inspection of safety valve factory seals as required

  • Inspection of cylinder valves as recommended by the factory service schedule

  • Inspection and tightening of all head and cylinder bolts. 

  • General overall compressor inspection

  • 10% discount on additional on-site labor if required

The quarterly maintenance checks does not include the following:

  • Replacement parts as  required

  • Purification cartridges costs are not included but will be changed on proper "hours of use" schedule as recommended by the factory.

  • Compressor oil

  • Hydrostatic testing of storage tanks

  • Emergency service calls.